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Observatory Solar Eclipse Viewing Party @ UCC


Observatory Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

Saturday, October 14th, 9am | Paul Morgan Observatory • UCC Campus

Experience the celestial wonder of an annular eclipse! Astronomers will provide a live digital view for all to safely see on screen and through special telescopes.

Here are the top things to see during this event:

1-The Ring of Fire: Watch as the Moon creates a fiery ring around the Sun, leaving a glowing halo in the sky.

2-Unique Shadows: Witness the peculiar crescent-shaped shadows on the ground, creating a stunning natural spectacle.

3-Changing Colors: Observe the shifting colors of the landscape as the sunlight dwindles

Full schedule of all observatory events and more information:

Cloudy or clear, we will have an event. Only rain will cause us to cancel. Park in the lower lot at the Technology Center and walk uphill. Please arrive early for handicapped parking available at the top of the hill. Admission is free.