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Roseburg Swift Watch


Swift Watch is quite abbreviated this year due to COVID-19. It is true Roseburg Swift Watch is generally held four Friday evenings during the fall migration beginning an hour before sunset, typically beginning late in August and ending late in September. The birds will be there in migration, but NONE of the usual music and art festivities. If you do come to enjoy the birds please socially distance and mask up.

Vaux’s Swifts (pronounced “vawks”) nest only in Western North America, migrating to Central and South America for the winter. Each year, thousands of Swifts gather in the chimney adjacent The Clay Place in the Fir Grove section of Stewart Park off of Harvard Avenue behind the Umpqua Valley Arts Center during their spring migration. At sunset during migration, Swifts gather in the dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands, to communally roost. Typically, these roost sites are, as here, old industrial chimneys. While numbers vary from year to year, the display can be spectacular. Information about the Vaus’s Swift migration and these monitoring efforts is available

 Roseburg Swift Watch is a partnership of Umpqua Valley Audubon Society, the City of Roseburg Parks & Recreation Division, and Umpqua Valley Arts Association