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SunnySide Theatre


The beautiful SunnySide Theatre in Downtown Roseburg hopes to release art and culture into the community like a breath of fresh air, and promises to be the place where creative dreams can become tangible realities. The SunnySide invites creative minds, bodies, and souls to join the journey of a lifetime; to leave memories and treasures for the next generation of artists to learn from, experience, and become inspired by. Join us as we pay homage to the innovations of yesteryear, create groundbreaking projects, and leave a legacy of nostalgia to future generations. 

The Sunnyside Theatre is located in the historic 1909 masonic lodge and features the oldest bar top on the west coast. The main bar is made up of three hand carved, mid-18th century square grand pianos that are unlike any bar you've ever seen and older then the statue of liberty. With 1920's upright piano tables framing the original red brick wall, it gives off a rustic ambience that is truly one of a kind. Brass trumpets, French horns, saxophones and trombones are suspended from the ceiling as light fixtures along with other refurbished instrument décor. The rustic timber adds a warm touch to the art deco atmosphere, adding unforgettable elements to any performance. Currently adorned with warm, cozy lighting made of saxophones and string lights amongst the newly built mezzanine, The SunnySide's atmosphere makes you feel at home among the eclectic and unique art displayed. 

Whether it's a concert, wedding, reception, family dinner, or open mic, you know you will leave with memories that will last a lifetime.