Travel Tips

The Great Umpqua Food Trail is open to visitors throughout the year and is designed to explore at your own pace—you are welcome to start and finish wherever you like. To ensure a positive experience, please check the hours of operation for each business online or by phone and note when advance reservations or appointments are required.

Before setting out along the Great Umpqua Food Trail, map your route ahead of time to make it easier to navigate remote areas without cell service.

High season varies per business but is typically June-October. Seasonality of key products is listed below:

  • Cherries: June-August
  • Blueberries: July-August
  • Peaches: July-August
  • Pumpkin patches: September-October

The working farms along this trail provide some of the most unique and engaging experiences. We ask that you respect the invitation to enter each property and be cautious around farm animals and equipment. Children must be supervised at all times and you should be prepared to follow all site- specific rules. For your safety and comfort, be prepared with appropriate footwear, sun protection and water.

Visit for culinary and agri-tourism events in the Umpqua Valley. Annual wine events in the Umpqua Valley include the Greatest of the Grape, Henry Goes Wine, and the Melrose Vineyards Grape Stomp.

We hope your experience along the Great Umpqua Food Trail doesn’t end when you leave the area. We encourage you to bring a taste of your journey back home to share with friends and family as a reminder of the bounty available in the Great Umpqua region.

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