The Wine Destination Mural

Mural Specs
“Daughter of Earth”
26′w x 17′h
526 SE Jackson St. (South Wall)
Downtown Roseburg

To kick off our mural series, Experience Roseburg was lucky to have Raymond Argumedo of Gramercy Art Company contribute to the project. His work combines Art Nouveau influences with elements of Pacific Northwest nature, myth, and space. His piece can be found on the back wall of The Wine Destination – in the brick walkway between the downtown parking garage and Jackson Street.
Completed on August 12, 2022.


About the Artist Mural Artist Raymond Argumedo

Raymond Argumedo is an artist who is currently based in Riverside, CA. He grew up on a street named Gramercy place, which is where the name of his art company comes from. Raymond started drawing at the age of 7 with his older brother, Jorge. His brother passed away at the age of 21, on Gramercy street, in a fatal shooting. Since then, Raymond has been creating and imagining art that is primarily inspired by ancient cultures, gods, mythology, and astronomical beings. It is then blended with a 1900’s art nouveau, old soul feeling. His art has served him as a platform to express feeling when words cannot. | @Raymond.Argumedo | @Gramercyartcompany

TWD Final Artwork