Winter weather brings cold, rain and sometimes snow, but that shouldn’t be an excuse not to go hiking! There are some hikes near Roseburg that are easily accessible, close to town and remain open during the winter months. These hikes are exceptionally great during the winter since the water flow over the falls is substantial.  So, grab a coat and hit the trail, here are three hikes to do even when the weather is cold.

Even though these trails are open year-round it’s important to always check road conditions before going hiking. Always be prepared by wearing appropriate clothing and bringing emergency supplies and food. And please leave the trail better than you found it, no littering and no going off trail.

Susan Creek

Head east from Roseburg on Highway 138, past Glide and you’ll reach Susan Creek Falls. This 0.8 hike is an easy hike through a burn scar that leads to 50-foot waterfall. Beyond the hiking trail there’s also a day use area, which overlooks the North Umpqua River. For those who want to go on an additional hike, the North Umpqua Trail connects to the day use area and takes hikers over The North Umpqua River via the pedestrian-only Tioga Bridge. For more information about Susan Creek Falls please visit


Fall Creek Falls

Head further east down Highway 138, along the North Umpqua River and Fall Creek Falls trailhead will be on your left. The one-mile long hiking trail takes you through rock formations and along the cliffside that follow Fall Creek. The trail is located within the burned area of the 2020 Archie Creek Fire, so the natural bedrock of the creekside is still exposed from the fire, though some vegetation has already begun regrowing . The hike itself is an easy/moderate hike, great for families or people who enjoy an easy hike. For more information about Fall Creek Falls please visit


Wolf Creek Falls

Wolf Creek Falls is located along Little River Road and is about 45 minutes away from Roseburg. The foot trail starts with a bridge going over Little River and continues 2.3 miles to Wolf Creek Falls. The hike follows along Wolf Creek as you make your way through dense forests filled with Doug Firs and Hemlocks. The waterfall at the end of the trail is 125 feet tall and features two wide cascades, during the winter months the water flow here is substantial. For more information about Wolf Creek Falls please visit:

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