An independent spirit embiggens the community around it.

Roseburg has long had a love affair with beer. In fact, it’s a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. The Roseburg Brewing & Ice Company put Roseburg on the map with their Roseburger Export Beer — a western-style lager (no doubt created with local loggers in mind). Production of this beer stopped when prohibition started in the 1920s, though local breweries in Roseburg have succeeded in reviving it with the help of old recipes.

The scrappy, inventive spirit of those 19th-century pioneers can still be seen today in Roseburg’s home brewing scene. Many of the commercial breweries in Roseburg started off as one person tinkering around with beer recipes and some home brewing equipment. Now, with the support of local guilds, Roseburg’s brewing community has grown to nine breweries in total.

Community involvement is at the core of local brew culture. Stop by any of the breweries in the Umpqua Valley on any given night and you may see: a local or traveling band playing, open mic, trivia, bingo, or even just a group of locals sharing a laugh over a delicious brewed beverage. Local brewers are dedicated to giving back to their community, which is why many of them host local fundraising events.

Roseburg beer has changed a lot since the 19th century, stop by any of our nine local breweries to discover a vast offering of high quality drafts.