Things To Do With Kids

There is no shortage of fun-filled family activities in Roseburg. Whether you are looking for something active or educational, the following are some of our favorites:

Family Bike Paths: Roseburg has miles of great paved paths that circle around town, line the river and have plenty of park pit-stop locations. Check out the City of Roseburg bike and path system here:

Fall Creek Trail: A short and beautiful hike for families including a wooden bridge and a multi-tiered, large waterfall. The easy, mile-long trail is located in Fall Creek on Highway 138, about 6 miles east of Steamboat. 

Wildlife Safari: This unique destination gives visitors the up-close-and-personal drive-through experience with more than 500 free-roaming animals and a free walkabout zoo with camel rides, shows, a playground, concessions and more. 

Douglas County Museum of Natural and Cultural History: With thousands of artifacts and displays, children are encouraged to touch, explore and play making this a one-of-a-kind museum experience. 

Parks: Roseburg has 20 developed parks. Stewart Park is a favorite and includes a 105-year-old, 67-ton steam engine. Fir Grove park offers a playground and seasonal SplashPad. The River Forks county park offers beautiful scenery and playgrounds, including one that is all-inclusive. 

Want more ideas? Check out Roseburg’s Parkview Skating Rink, Winchester’s Fish Ladder and Elkton’s Butterfly Pavilion.