Umpqua National Forest

Nearly a million acres of forest, mountains and more.

Just east of Roseburg is the Umpqua National Forest, nearly a million acres filled with Douglas Firs, wildflowers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, creeks, hiking trails and more. This land was set aside by the United States Congress in 1907 for its natural beauty; preserving it for generations to come. Follow the North Umpqua Highway east from Roseburg towards Crater Lake and you’ll see the North Umpqua River and the geology that defines this National Forest’s landscape. The backbone of the Umpqua National Forest is the North Umpqua Trail, a 79-mile multi-day hiking or biking experience that follows the North Umpqua River. The trail is broken up into 11 sections with access points and trailheads at the ends of each section. If you’re looking for a relaxing experience with a hike, seek out the Umpqua Hot Springs near Toketee.