With its local vineyards, rolling valleys, park pit-stops, and lunch at the Lighthouse Center Bakery and Cafe — Roseburg and the Umpqua Valley is better by bike.  Whether you want to do a family stroll or eat some hills for breakfast, the area has a number of various cycle routes from easy to moderate. 

Country Ride

Ride the rolling hills and see the countryside on the Roseburg to Lookingglass and Melrose loop.  This is a moderately challenging ride and starts with a good hill. Remember, with every up there is a down. Start at West Harvard Avenue in Roseburg, take Lookingglass all the way to Coos Bay Wagon Road then to Flournoy Valley Road. End it with a breeze down Melrose Road and continue to Old Melrose Road back to West Harvard Avenue.

Family Ride

Have some little ones that want to tag along? Roseburg has miles of great paved paths that circle around town, line the river and have plenty of park pit-stop locations. Check out the City of Roseburg bike and path system here:

Historic Ride

Not only will you be able to stroll along the scenic Umpqua Valley River, see the vineyards blanketing the valleys and stop at a favorite local spot – the Lighthouse Center Bakery and Café – on this ride you’ll be able to check out the historic gem, the Rochester Covered Bridge. Start at River Forks Park and ride north on Old Garden Valley Road to Fort Mckay and turn on Tyee Road. (Here is the Lighthouse Center Bakery and Café). Follow Tyee Road up a challenging climb, loop around to Green Valley Road to Fort McKay Road, then back down Old Garden Valley Road to River Forks Park. This 55-mile ride is for those looking for a challenge. Read more about Douglas County's covered bridges here.

Winery Ride 

Start and end at River Forks Park on this vineyard tour. This 27-miler could be a day ride with plenty of fun pit-stops showcasing the best of the Umpqua Valley. From River Forks Park head up Old Garden Valley Road and take a left on Hubbard Creek Road where you’ll find Henry Estate Winery. After sipping, head down Melqua Road and back to River Forks Park. Learn more about our local wineries on our Wine Page.

For more ride options, check out the Events Page for cycle events - including the annual Vineyard Tour