With so much to do in and around Roseburg, it’s hard to choose what to do while you’re in town. Experience Roseburg invites you to Experience Your Next Adventure. We could lay out a step-by-step travel itinerary, but here at Experience Roseburg we believe travel itineraries are starting too feel a bit rigid. Travel should be about experiencing something new and slightly unknown. The weekend is short, what will you choose? 

You arrive in Roseburg on a cool summer Saturday morning. What will you choose to do for the rest of the weekend?

Stay in Town, Take a Biking Tour of the Countryside, or skip ahead to Fly Fishing


Bike Tour

You decide to take your road bike out for a countryside ride. What routes are you going to bike? The winery tour of some of the 32 local wineries? The historic tour of covered bridges? After your country bike ride where do you want to head next?

Continue to Head Back Into Town or Drive Up the North Umpqua River.


Stay in Town

You arrive back in town and head to the Umpqua Valley Farmer’s Market, grab some local produce, artisan goods and a fresh loaf of sourdough bread for later. After the farmer’s market another decision awaits. 

Continue to Shop Around Downtown or Drive Up the North Umpqua River.


Shop Around Downtown

You head downtown, and browse the local boutiques and thrift shops. After a bit of shopping and a delightful lunch it’s time to continue your adventure.

You can choose to Drive up the North Umpqua River or go directly to Fly Fishing


Drive Up the North Umpqua River

You take Highway 138 along the North Umpqua River out of town and into the Umpqua National Forest. Your car windows provide portrait-like views of the scenic river and forest as they pass by. After driving for about 40 minutes you have a choice to make. 

Go Rock Climbing or skip ahead to Go for a Hike.

Go Rock Climbing

You grab your climbing gear and head to one of the climbing areas along the North Umpqua. The climbing rocks to choose from include; Old Man, Old Woman, Dome Rock, Medicine Rock, Eagle Rock and Rattlesnake Rock. These rocks are dense and ancient, somewhere between 17 and 25 million years old.

Stay out in the wilderness and Go for a Hike or Go Fly Fishing


Go For a Hike

You head down a path lined with Douglas Firs and Hemlock trees. The hiking trail takes you up and down a narrow canyon leading to a beautiful cascading waterfall. Once you’ve made it back to your car it’s time to head back to civilization.

Continue to Go Fly Fishing


Go Fly Fishing

You grab your fly rod and wade into the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the North Umpqua. The fly fishing only section of the river to be exact. Cast after cast you hope to snag a steelhead that’s making its way upstream. Snag! You land one and after it put up a fight, you release it back into the cool waters of the North Umpqua River. You can’t wait to tell everyone about your Roseburg adventure.



These are just some of the adventures you can partake in while experiencing Roseburg. Choose from endless options as you Experience Your Next Adventure, there are no wrong choices when visiting Roseburg.