The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically pushed pause on day-to-day life, but spending time at home doesn’t have to be all couch and Netflix.

As we encourage our community to stay home and stay safe, we also hope this time will provide you with the opportunity to tap into some experiences you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Here are our 10 indoor experiences to help break that cabin fever.

  1. Eat local. Even though restaurants are closed, many of them are doing take out and delivery. This is not only a great opportunity to support local businesses in this trying time, but also dig into some foods and restaurants that you’ve never tried before. Put names in a hat and draw them out a few times per week to get you eating outside the box. Check out this Facebook page for a full list of available restaurants/food trucks and updates, or download a pdf here.
  2. Drink local. Your favorite take out can still be paired with a frothy, local brew. Many breweries are providing carry-out growler fill ups, bottles and cans, as well as selling local wines and ciders. Some are even doing delivery. Sounds like a great time for a beer tasting or an in-home, room-to-room Umpqua Valley wine tour. Get on video chat and invite your friends to do the same from their homes. Connecting for a group date night is still possible from home and now you can wear your pajamas.
  3. Plan future experiences. Spend time doing research, planning a trip or making a bucket list of outdoor adventures to do when this crisis has subsided. Continue to check the Experience Roseburg site for fresh content that will inspire some epic explorations worthy of your must-do-later list.
  4. Garden. Now is the time to start most garden seeds indoors. Let each member of your family pick out a few items and take care of their own garden.
  5. Outdoor movie night. Change up the usual couch routine and order a movie projector. These run as low as $35 from Amazon and Walmart and can turn your backyard or indoor fort into a magical, theatre experience. Don’t forget the popcorn.
  6. Learn to cook. Time indoors calls for trying that recipe you’ve always wanted to try or learning some new skills. Virtual cooking classes are popping up all over the Internet and there are ones for the whole family. announced that each weekday at 1 p.m. EST, Editorial Director Joanna Saltz and her kids, will go live on Instagram to share cook-along videos for parents and children. The ingredients are revealed ahead of time so you can add them to your grocery shopping list.
  7. Virtual book club. Connection to our friends and family is vital and books can provide a great reason to get on the phone with a glass of wine and chat about something other than the news. Get your group of friends on a video chat such as Facebook Messenger and have each person pick out a book that everyone will read. Then get back together, virtually, and talk about it. Not only will you get to see faces that you miss, but you’ll most likely read some books you wouldn’t usually choose yourself.
  8. Spring clean or renovate. It’s finally time to get to those chores you’ve been putting off – especially with the potential of dangerous germs lurking. Create a task for each day such as Monday: Wash windows treatments. Here’s a great deep cleaning guide from Martha Stewart: Change can be good in times such as these so order some wallpaper to spruce up a room, refinish that table or move around your furniture.
  9. Go to school. Even though school is closed, there is a plethora of online schools and available educational materials for children to adults. Have the family learn a language together or take some online art classes. Here’s a great list of 200 free K-12 educational resources: Our local community has also created a Facebook group for parents looking for encouragement and resources:
  10. Exercise and get outside. According to the Oregon Health Authority, “Getting outdoors is good for your body and soul. Just be sure to maintain six feet between you and people you encounter. Eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are important ways to help keep your body resilient.” Go for a walk, bike ride or order some rollerblades. Try some porch yoga. No one is judging. Changes are occurring every day so make sure to check for updates on park and trail closures. Do not participate in group activities or touch equipment (play structures, trail railings, etc.). Staying at home is recommended, but it still feels great to step outside, breathe some fresh air and break a sweat.

From the entire team at Experience Roseburg, we hope you stay safe and healthy.


Editor’s Note: This article was produced March 26, 2020 and information may have changed by its publication. Please confirm restrictions and current COVID-19 information at and