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Science and good measure of luck gifted Abacela with a combination of multiple mesoclimes, an interesting topography and multiple soil types that made it an extremely interesting vineyard site. In April of 2001 Decanter Magazine dubbed Abacela “the most interesting vineyard property in Oregon” and over the years many others have agreed. Still, without the uncanny timing of Wells’ geological report the Joneses would not have understood the significance of the soils they farm.

Founders, Earl and Hilda Jones set up these trials by selecting grape varieties whose Old-World home of origin shared a climate with one of the micro-climates found at Abacela.

Each variety planted was harvested and made into wine but not every wine was taken to market as a varietal. Only wines that when made in the traditional wine style of their European homeland that exhibited varietal typicity were considered for commercial production. Finally, each wine was rigorously tested against wines of the same variety in double blind “Bull’s Eye” tastings against European, and when available American wines. These high standards for release as a commercial wine enabled Abacela to establish a reputation for sound wines which in turn facilitated sales, wine club growth, and distribution.

Abacela is located in the Umpqua Valley of southern Oregon. Just minutes off Interstate 5 at exit 119. Established in 1995, our vineyards are just a step away from your tasting experience. Come taste for yourself.