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Bar Run Golf & RV Resort


Once upon a time, this little pocket of the American West was covered entirely by the South Umpqua River, which now serves as the northern border of the golf course along the 8th, 10th and 11th holes. Back when Umpqua Sand & Gravel opened for business in the 1960s, our objective was to mine the leftover land’s “river bar” layer for round rock, sand and gravel.

And we’ve been digging ever since.

The “Bar Run” is our pay dirt. It gets excavated, washed and sifted into various materials used in construction, agriculture, landscaping and numerous other industries, including golf course development. Simply put, the “Bar Run” built this golf course, both literally and financially. That’s why we chose it as our namesake — a tip of the hard hat to our geological history and a business truly built from the ground up.

It’s the foundation for everything we do at Umpqua Sand & Gravel — and everything we’re building for the future. In fact, golfers will often get a glimpse into the daily mining operations still chugging away beyond the fairways and greens. And one of our iconic dragline buckets stands guard between the 14th fairway and 16th green.

Of course, if you want to interpret “Bar Run” as your own personal “run to the bar” after 9 or 18 or 36 (or more) holes … we’re cool with that, too. We’ll have a tasty beverage waiting for you.