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Mildred Kanipe Park


The park has much to offer a visitor - 1,100 acre park, historical working ranch in a natural environment, with historical buildings, farm equipment, equestrian and hiking... • Extensive trails pass thru majestic forests, oak woodlands, lush pastures, over creeks and offers spectacular views. The trails are open to horses March 16th through October 31st, and year-round for hikers. A pavilion next to equestrian parking offers a place to sit, eat or chat. • Mildred’s home, sheep barn, horse barn and buggy shed still stand. Due to lack of monies, sorely needed renovations have not occurred, but the structures are just as interesting in their deteriorating condition. Some of Mildred’s old farm machinery is on display. Mildred is buried next to her home. • A picnic area under shady trees is enjoyed in the Farmstead area. Colorful peacocks cry out among the trees. • A relaxing and enjoyable nature trail has been designed and constructed by Friends of the Umpqua Hiking Club and the Douglas Soil & Water Conservation District. Native plants, many provided by Native Plant Society, are being planted. • The old schoolhouse has received new foundation, paint, windows and a new roof. Next is refurbishing interior. Educational events are planned for the future. • Special events, such as organized equestrian rides, weddings, family reunions and festivities occur regularly. • The land is leased for cattle which roam most of the acres in the park. This lease is a major source of income for the park. The Park is open year-round for hikers and the campground is closed for the winter. Reservations can be made at